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Every month, our children's book experts hand-pick and deliver award-winning books and gifts targeted to your child's age and interests. 

Reading Bug Box is a perfect fit for all ages and stages of development...

Read aloud from birth to foster a positive parent-child bond.
Read aloud and play, learn & explore new topics together.
Read aloud or read alone. Perfect picks help inspire new readers.
Read alone. Explore new genres and expand minds & imaginations.

Young readers everywhere love Reading Bug Box...

  • "Love This!"

    I ordered this for my little mini me, who is almost 2. We received several board books and other goodies in our package. My little has wanted us to read these new books every single day, especially the fairy tale book that has fun little flaps to lift. This is a fantastic box and I can't wait to order another one for her soon!
  • "Love it so, so much!!"

    My son (7 years old) is an advanced reader but a very reluctant reader. Despite being in a family whose culture is reading he does not want to read. Knowing this I still opted for a subscription and I am absolutely impressed. The boxes are unique to each child and their interests. I love the personal touch of having an actual book lover in an independent bookstore selecting my child's books and writing their name on the handout every month. My son opened his box and was thrilled. The book selectors nailed it!
  • "We are Reading Bugs!"

    This box is the epitome of everything I could have hoped for. My son and daughter share a subscription and also vary in age. The time put into making sure each kid gets items that are just for them, is truly appreciated. Every box gets a scream upon arrival!! I may not ever cancel!! WORTH EVERY CENT AND MORE!!
  • "Great for my tween!"

    I got this for my almost 12 yr old daughter who is a huge reader. I put it under the tree and it was a HUGE hit!!! I was so tired of her reading the same books over and over again even though I'm always going to the library for her. She received 3 books and loved them all! She also loved the goodies that came in the box. She can't wait for the next box to come! Highly recommended.
  • "Reading Bug Box is AWESOME!"

    We've received 2 of our 6 box subscription and they've been great! I have 2 girls ages 5 and 8 and the boxes have engaged them both. A book for each of them, a book to share and fun art supplies. They look forward to receiving the box each month! The Reading Bug Box is a great gift!
  • "Great box of books"

    We are teachers. I ordered this box for my husband's 4th grade classroom, so I get two boxes. One for girls and one for boys. They send us such a great selection every month that the students just can't wait to start reading them. They select books that are current and fun. The Reading Bug is awesome in helping out a busy teacher in finding great books the kids want to read. Thank you. And my 4th graders thank you.
  • "Great selections"

    My son has enjoyed every box so far, but this last box was perfect!!! Lauren did an amazing job putting the box together, and now my son has us reading the books to him every night. Thank You!!
  • "Absolutely Love This!"

    The Reading Bug Box is amazing! I have a subscription for each of my kids (ages 3 and 6), and they literally scream in excitement every time their box comes. I love how excited they get about books, and it's great having a variety of high-quality books coming into the house, so I don't have to read the same stories to them over and over. The Reading Bug Box is also my go-to baby gift and birthday gift.

What's Inside a Reading Bug Box?

Every Reading Bug Box is unique. Each box is hand-picked by our staff to match your child's interests and reading level.

Great Books

2-4 books, hand-selected and matched to each child's individual interests.

Creative Extras

An extra gift, game or craft item to match themes explored in the books and to encourage engagement.

Monthly Note

A personalized note from our staff with great discounts to help you discover new titles and suggested follow-up reads & gifts.

Meet the Staff of The Reading Bug...

The Reading Bug is a family-owned, independent children's bookstore in San Carlos, CA, and our staff delights in matching the very best books to the unique interests of every child. Our mission is help everyone - from the most reluctant readers to the most voracious - and we love helping children expand their minds and branch out into new genres, or watch them eagerly come back for the next book in a series!