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Inspire young readers at any age and any reading level with a perfectly personalized selection of books from The Reading Bug.  

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Reading Bug Box is a perfect fit for all ages and stages of development...

Read aloud from birth to foster a positive parent-child bond.
Read aloud and play, learn & explore new topics together.
Read aloud or read alone. Perfect picks help inspire new readers.
Read alone. Explore new genres and expand minds & imaginations.

What's Inside a Reading Bug Box?

The Best Books!

Selected by the expert staff of The Reading Bug & matched to your child's age, interests and reading level.

Gifts & Extras

Matched to the theme of the Box to make reading fun & engaging.

Monthly Note

From The Reading Bug! Checking in on progress & filled with tips for follow-up reading & activities.

Past Boxes

Our expert staff works hard to inspire young readers of every age and reading level with perfectly personalized selections! Take a look at some of our past boxes.

Personalized for a reluctant reader who loves dinosaurs & graphic novels.

Diversity, fantasy & fun in these picks for a 10 year old voracious reader!

Some of our favorites in a box for 2 for early readers, ages 5 & 8.

"We are Reading Bugs! This box is the epitome of everything I could have hoped for. The time put into making sure each kid gets items that are just for them is truly appreciated. Every box gets a scream upon arrival!"

"Great for my tween! I got this for my almost 12 yr old daughter who is a huge reader. I put it under the tree and it was a HUGE hit!"

"Reading Bug Box is AWESOME! I have 2 girls ages 5 and 8 and the boxes have engaged them both. They look forward to receiving the box each month!"

"Great selections! This last box was perfect!!! Lauren did an amazing job putting the box together, and now my son has us reading the books to him every night. Thank You!!"

"Absolutely Love This! The Reading Bug Box is amazing! I love how excited they get about books, and it's great having a variety of high-quality books coming into the house."

Meet the Staff of The Reading Bug...

The Reading Bug is a family-owned, independent children's bookstore in San Carlos, CA, and our staff delights in matching the very best books to the unique interests of every child. Our mission is help everyone - from the most reluctant readers to the most voracious - and we love helping children expand their minds and branch out into new genres, or watch them eagerly come back for the next book in a series!